ERP Solutions


Business Management:

Take advantage of an ERP solution that is an integrated suite of robust business solutions which work synergistically to help you maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity and profitability across every aspect of your enterprise.

These scalable applications feature advanced capabilities that address the daily operational challenges you face, while providing the management insights you need to secure your company’s successful future. Streamlined automation, exceptional functionality, extensive customization capabilities, and easy integration are just a few of its strengths.

Now you can leverage the power of one software company to meet all your software needs. And you have the added convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing you can count on our superior quality, reliability, and customer support services.



When demand hits, it’s crucial that manufacturing is ready and able to deliver. Our ERP solutions for both the Process and Discrete industries, were designed with the flexibility and expanded capabilities to easily accommodate the requirements of many different industries.

They handle production from raw materials through finished goods; ShopFloor Data collection provides both manufacturing shop floor time & material data capture which work seamlessly with the accounting and distribution modules, and help you pinpoint the areas where you can save time and money, all while helping you provide exceptional customer service.


Sales Force Automation:

Improve sales performance with automation tools that help your sales and marketing professionals find and retrieve vital information quickly and easily.

Effortlessly view a snapshot of the sales cycle from first contact to final sale, allowing sales teams to effectively analyze and manage the sales pipeline and compare metrics against your marketing campaigns. .



Today's service companies face many challenges – increased competitiveness, shrinking margins and expanding global borders. The key to survival in today's landscape is an effective service management.

Our solutions help service-focused organizations maximize efficiencies and savings, while also enhancing the customer experience. It provides the robust, flexible business solution that is so instrumental for a service organization to continually refine and expand its services to meet market conditions as well as customer expectations.