ERP Solutions

Sales Force Automation Highlights

Improve sales performance and shorten sales cycles with access to essential information easily and quickly .

+ Supported local or remote users
With real-time or offline access to customers, prospects, leads, scheduled tasks, , and customer service incidents, you can truly mobilize your sales team. Reduce downtime for outside sales staff, empowering them to be effective wherever they are.
+ Central core database
Review, manage, plan, report, and forecast based on one core information storage system. When remote users synchronize their local data with the master database, the synchronization system initiates all the updates so all have access to the same accurate, up-to-date data

Take full advantage of marketing campaigns by eliminating speculation and putting your company’s marketing resources to their best use.

+ Two-way synchronization with Mircrosoft Office
Complete, two-way synchronization with Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar appointments and tasks, as well as enhanced e-mail integration. You can also use your entire Sales Force Automation system from within the standard Microsoft Outlook interface.
+ Library for storing sales and marketing collateral
Store product information, marketing collateral, manuals, pricing and presentations. In addition, attach and send files from the Library in e-mails to customers, prospects and other personnel.

Create point-and-click reports and graphs for on-the-spot analysis and decision making real-time dashboards.

+ Interactive reporting dashboards
Gain deep insight into organizational and individual performance - View performance metrics, diagnose key issues, and identify opportunities from a single location. Further, perform ad-hoc analysis by simply changing filter or group criteria.
+ Drill-Down Analysis
Drill down into detailed data for further analysis into trends - Conduct historical and comparative trend analyses, such as period-to-date and year-to-year.