ERP Solutions

Process Manufacturing Highlights

Automate your business logic and processes to chain together all of your departments and divisions to eliminate manual processes and the need for stand-alone systems.

Have your computer system interact with a computer system of another organization and digitally exchange business documents such as purchase orders and invoices. Shorten transaction processing cycles, automate routine transactions, enhance data accuracy and reduce manual handling of data, errors and duplication with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
+ Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Automatically alert your schedulers to any violations with the ability to easily apply custom constraints unique to your business for production of schedules that respect your real-world requirements. With this, achieve maximum production output, reduced time lost to cleanouts and a planning process that is easy to manage.
+ Royalties & Rebates
Automate royalties, rebates, field development, slotting fees, customer refunds or any other paid fee based on your sales orders. Also, eliminate the need for "offline" spreadsheets to calculate what is owed to vendors with the creation of an automated payable transaction to the vendor by setting up relationships between items, vendors, and customers in one maintenance screen.

Take advantage of enterprise-wide real-time reporting and dashboard summaries to make timely, well-informed decisions that put you ahead of the competition.

+ Compliance Reporting
Meet the complex demands of your organizations federally regulated requirements with a dynamic reporting solution specifically designed to address legal requirements such as MSDS reporting. Save time and money by making it possible for your organization to quickly and accurately generate compliance reports, streamlining the compliance reporting process, eliminating duplication of entry and maintaining a seamless workflow.
+ Analyze Historical Operations
Use powerful operational and analytic tools to intuitively analyze historical operations. Take advantage of a completely customizable workbench to powerfully manage your operational schedule - whether producing in complete batches, requiring finished goods to ship before closing a batch or operating a "continuous flow".
+ Cost Set Scenarios
Perform "what-if" analysis on raw material costs to see their effect on the cost of finished goods and intermediates. Roll up costs to other inventory buckets such as replacement cost and landed cost.

Efficiently and effectively manage the costs, risks and complexities of stringent compliance regulations and quality controls.

+ Quality Control
Define a series of tests to perform on purchased materials or manufactured products and set the acceptable range for the tests. If a test fails, the lot can be placed on hold. A "work queue" can be used to help alert quality control personnel of products which need to be tested and automatically generate a test schedule for production batches.
+ Formula & Recipe Control
Combine powerful formulation and analysis with formula management capabilities such as formula group security and an R&D notebook. Take advantage of the strong physical property module, eliminate the need for complex and mistake-prone spreadsheets and formulate to multiple specifications, performing many complex calculations quickly and accurately.
+ Auditing & Security
Available to you are the necessary tools to facilitate compliance with government auditing and security regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley and the FDA 21CFR part 11b. Don’t just process your data - validate and audit your data.