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+ A Comprehensive Solution...
Our specialized approach is to concentrate on the business processes that drive your enterprise because we believe that software is merely a tool to help improve the flow of information. We strongly maintain that it is the underlying processes and their impact on streamlined transaction flows, critical business metrics and improvements in company performance and customer service that in fact derive any value from the investment of new software.

Consistent with our integrated solution approach, we assist organizations to realize the greatest value from their software investment by providing a single point of accountability to encourage a rapid return on investment and low total cost of investment.

+ Implementation Services Facilitate Optimal Value
Morphix Business Consulting has the essential skills, tools, industry experience and knowledge to be of benefit to your organization.

Morphix is devoted to working closely with their customers to develop implementation strategies that meet organizations’ unique business needs in order to facilitate fast payback and improved bottom-line results.

We work together with our clients, strategically documenting and mapping out a customized implementation plan.

Regular project status reports are also issued, clearly detailing where you are at in the implementation process to ensure that all resources are kept on track and within budget.

+ Keeping on Track with Project Management
The process begins with a project kick-off meeting with all the team members to create a detailed plan that will serve as the outline for the team to follow and refer to in order to keep focused on the end goal. All areas and phases of implementation are specified in the plan and timelines are set and based around budget, modules, team responsibilities, guidelines, risks and contingencies.

+ Training Promotes Large Return on Investment
Implementing a new, efficient and cost-effective enterprise business intelligence solution is by no means a minor task. It involves considerable investments of time and resources. In order to effectively and efficiently attain full potential on your return on investment, your team needs to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

With each implementation, foundational training geared towards the key people is offered prior to implementation commencement, and covers the basics of the product. During the pilots, end-user training is provided in order to enable all users to have a clear understanding of the functions and processes. If needed, refresher training is made available throughout and after implementation.

+ Support Improves Productivity
A healthy relationship with our customers is very important to us and we pride ourselves on fostering and maintaining long term relationships with you.

As your business grows and changes, we will continue to make available the timely and expert assistance you need. Our dedication to complete customer satisfaction ensures rapid response whether by telephone, email, remote access or an on-site visit.