ERP Solutions

Business Management Highlights

Have a clear grasp of what is going on in and around your organization with complete project visibility.

+ Personalized dashboards
Dashboards can be customized to include reports that update real-time, project stats, and any other business specific information you need to make decisions and get work done.
+ Flexible project management with the use of interactive Gantt charts and tables
Add and edit tasks easily and intuitively from a spreadsheet-like task worksheet to the powerful Gantt chart. Team members can quickly update status, attach documents, collaborate via notifications, and add notes and discussions.

Know where your team members, staff and clients are assigned at the project and task levels at all times.

+ Resource and capacity planning
Organize resources across your organization into resource pools, complete with how many of each resource type is available in each pool. Find the best fit for your resources and prioritized projects and view the impact of making additions of changes to your plan.
+ Time-entry module
Capture hours for projects, tasks and issues with a built-in time management portal. Further, create and search timesheets for anyone on your team.

Benefit from a collaborative file management and version control system.

+ Document Management
Documents in any format can be attached to projects, tasks and users. Version control and check-in/check-out procedures make collaboration easy and effective.
+ Security and auditing
With customizable access levels limit user access to required information only and protect sensitive information from view. Meet compliance regulations with approvals – log by user, date and time notes, documents, status changes and more.